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Hi everyone I've suffered from endometriosis since 2007...

I had one child previous to being diagnosed, I now have 3 beautiful children and feel truly blessed but this hasn't come without the daily struggles that this disease presents x

I have had 8 laparoscopies and have endo on my bowel, bladder, liver, kidneys, left ovary/tube...the right was removed in 2011.

I've had 6 months of zolidex injections, didn't work and I was still in pain DAILY.

Moving away from 4 years of morphine medication I am still in daily pain but pain killer free and although I'm so very sore every day I feel so much more in control than I ever did on medication xx

Electro-acupuncture was trailed and tested on me and wasn't successful ie I'm still in pain.

I going sometimes twice weekly to the hospital for 8 weeks then more recently just weekly and hoping for only monthly visits soon as I work, have a family and massive house to clean lol so could think of better ways to spend my time than in hospital but needs must x

Hope your all having a good day x

Wee picture of my babies to show you that although I pray not to wake in the morning I'm so glad I did xxxx

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It sound like you have been through a lot with your endometriosis which I am sorry to hear. I have recently had a laparoscopy and been diagnosed with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. I have been told if the pain I'm in hasn't reduced that I would need to consider hysterectomy as they removed endometriosis but the only cure for Adenomyosis is a hysterectomy. I feel so blessed though to have had my children when I was younger as I'm not sure it would have worked out for me. I tell myself the same thing to be thankful that the pain only seemed to get out of control after I had all my children. You have to stay strong with endometriosis even though it's hard. Your three babies look lovely xx


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