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I have been diagnosed with Pelvic congestion. I usually get the odd aches and pains, however yesterday when at work I felt a stabbing pain. I went extremely hot then went back to normal temperature I felt really sick. I went to the toilet and when I pulled down my trousers there was a lot of blood. I was also in agony.

Went to doctors who gave me anti inflammatories and something to stop or reduce the blood.

That's great it's done that but I still have the pain that's making me feel sick also no pressure is helping it.

Any ideas what I should do? I don't know if I should go to hospital and get checked out.

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Hi - this is varicose veins in the abdomen. See the link below. You need your GP to send you to a specialist about it.




I am in soo much pain with it I don't know what to do. The past 2 days have been awful and feel a lot worse.

The bleeding has stopped but the pain is becoming increasingly unbearable . I just don't know what to do for today as in a lot of pain


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