diclofenac and mefanamic acid

Hi ladies,

I have been prescribed both diclofenac and mefanamic acid. I have taken both for pain during cycle not just for period pain, and find that neither work. Furthermore, I read the instructions and it says not to take them together... which I was no advised by my GP. Does anyone else find relief with either of these meds? I have stopped taking them as I don't want to continue taking something for the sake of it.



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  • Hi. I have had both diclofenac and the mefanamic acid prescribed. I didn't find either did anything for the pain, but from what my Gp said to me the Mefanamic acid was for reducing the bleeding during your period, which I found this did help with the bleeding. The only painkillers that help with the pain are Tramadol and codeine but they also make me want to sleep after I take them and make me feel nauseated.

    I hope this helps.

    Jo x

  • Hey,

    I was also prescribed both by my GP, although not both at the same time - i was first tried on Mefanamic, and then a few years later on the Diclofenac. I also found neither worked very well, and after speaking to my GP he suggested Oral Morphine, which i obviously turned down and switched doctors, to a lady who was fantastic and sent me to a Gynae where they found Endo. Have you been diagnosed? Im assuming you are, so i would just go back to the doctor and tell them that its just not working and see if theres anything else you can do!

    I hope your feeling better soon!

    Emma Xx

  • thanks for your replies ladies.

    I have now been prescribed amitriptoline... to help with mood and also pain...

    I am a bit concerned to take this as, the advise says not to take it before surgery and if TTC.

    Any thoughts?



  • Sounds as though this is used to treat Depression, sounds a little extreme to have prescribed you that! I would ring your doctor, or even your chemist, for some advice!

    Emma x

  • yeah that's what I'm thinking... x

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