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A little help please!

Hello! I'm hoping for some advice and guidance! I had my third c section last June and had the implant fitted 6 weeks after this. The implant caused irregular bleeding so I was given a 3 month prescription of the mini pill to help control this (all the while I had been suffering with awful lower back pain- I did have physio that didn't help but as the bleeding subsided so did my back pain) I have been taking the mini pill for around 6 months now with intermittent bleeding and pain throughout. I haven't been diagnosed with endometriosis as my doctor keeps telling me "to wait and see" with regards to the pain and bleeding. A scan in 2013 after my second child revealed several ovarian cysts (I believe these may be linked to endometriosis). My question is really how do you go about getting a diagnosis and what do you find best to manage the pain? I find on bad days I am physically sick and unable to do anything for any relief (even with strong anti inflammatory painkillers)



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