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Advice please

Hi all,

After waiting for months I finally have a date to see an endo specialist on the 27th of this month.

Was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what to expect?

I am only asking this because when I first got referred by my gp (around 2 years ago) I only saw a general gynaecologist. He performed a lap a few months after and couldn't seem to find endo, but he was 99% sure I had it, and my gp did - I have all the 'typical' symptoms. The gynae I was seeing at that time didn't actually perform the surgery his colleague did (which I wasn't very happy with), BUT said after the lap he wasn't told to look for endo, he was looking to see whether anything looked abnormal.

Anyway after a long and painful wait, Im hoping I can finally get some answers from the endo specialist. and Im hoping he will decide to do another lap to look for it himself.

What Im asking is will an endo specialist be any different from a general gynaecologist? and is there anything you could suggest for me to do in order to prepare for the appointment?



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Hi, sorry you have been put through this, it's shocking that these people are allowed to do the laporoscopy and not no what they looking for.

If I was you I would write a letter list of all your symptoms how ever small or regular, and give this to him, this way nothing will get left out,

He will prober ly give you an internal and check your belly, then hopefully book you in for a laparoscopy,

And finally you will get some answers.



Thank you so much for your reply. I will definitely do that, not that a diagnosis will help with my symptoms or take me out of pain, but at least I'll know its not all in my head as some doctors make me feel! Its gone on for too long now and I just want to get on with my life so I can try the right treatments.



Hi again, hopefully if they do a lap and find endo, they will be able to excise it and make your symptoms go away,

Fingers crossed for you xxx


Hiya, you will be pleased to hear that endo specialists are far different from gynae's in the best way possible! I am finally under the care of a specialist centre and it is much better for me now and I feel like I am taken seriously!

Take care and best of luck xx


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