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How to deal with the mental side of endo

Hi ive had endometriosis for as long as i can remember but was diagnosed 5 years ago, all the symptoms are bad but i am really struggling with dealing with it , i get so angry and it builds up untill i cant control it anymore its either that or i cry all the time! I am thinking about going to the doctors about this but after years of fighting for a diagnosis i have little faith in them! The physical symptoms are bad but the mental side is ruining me and my relationships! How does everyone else cope with this?

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You are feeling this way because you feel alone and that there is no hope and just see a dark road ahead. Historically endo sufferers have been dismissed as imagining all their symptoms or if they have been 'lucky' enough to have been given any sort of 'proper' diagnosis then the chances are it will have been IBS or chronic fatigue syndrome or both.

Sadly and incredibly this is still the case for so many women, but there are now choices and information available for you to try and take charge of the course your treatment takes.

First, have a look at my post on endo and its many symptoms and then at the one on how to access a specialist. You have to somehow muster the strength to take control of how you are treated. When you go to your GP you need to be armed with what is likely to be a good deal more knowledge than he/she has about your conndition and a clear idea of how you want to be treated according to what are very clear rights now.

If you want to come back with a description of your history, symptoms and treatment so far we can look at the approach to take. x


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