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Hi all :)

I'm new on here, & I've just briefly read a few people's posts & stories. I would like to say how amazing I think this is & I can see how beneficial it would be for me & everyone else to share their own personal experiences.

Anyway, I would like to know how you guys got diagnosed? Was it from laparoscopy? Scans? Etc... Cos everyone is different & I'm curious to know. Also how long did it take to get diagnosed?


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Hi ive just had a laparoscopy and ive been diagnosed with endometreosis and adenomyosis, ive been having symtoms for years but never put them together then started getting more and more frequent so started investigating last April.



Hi, laparoscopy is the conclusive way to be diagnosed unfortunately. I was diagnosed having a lap 24 years ago and the reason they suggested doing a lap was because of my heavy painful periods and painful sex. I was seen at the UCH in tottenham court road and I don't think I had to wait long. I had a second lap about 8 years ago just to see what the endo was doing. Hope all goes well for you. X


Thanks for your reply all :-)

I was only asking because everyone has a different story, and I was curious whether anyone had got diagnosed in a different way. Im 21 years old, had problems ever since I can remember starting my periods at the age of 11. I've always suffered from painful heavy periods that lasted for days and days.

Until about 2 and half years ago, And with the help of my water bottles & painkillers, i had never suffered pain so excruciating that crippled me On the floor rolled up in a ball. My investigation led several specialists to believe I first had cysts, then appendicitis, irritable bowel syndrome, chron's, and a few others. However, after several scans and tests the doctors believed that I was a perfectly healthy young woman on paper. But I knew something wasnt right! You know your own body!!

Anyway, last year I was sent for a laparoscopy and my surgeon was just someone who was available to do the surgery at that precise moment, he wasn't my specialist!! Nothing sinister was found anyway, but my gp and I believe it is endometriosis- as I have every single symptom to it. My gp seems to think endo was very minute, and it was missed. Can this happen?

Finally I am on the right track and I am seeing an endo specialist at the end of the month where he will decide if I'll need another lap to search for endo! Fingers crossed I get some answers this time, I can't stick much more of being fobbed off with painkillers!! Im like a walking pharmacy with all the 'wrong' medication They have put me on lol!



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