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Another unsuccessful trip to the doctor

Saw my GP again yesterday after 2 horrendous weeks of continuous pain. I'm not sleeping, struggling to keep up with my normal tasks and the side effects from so much Tramadol! Hoping for another referral, it's been two years since my first Lap and they found nothing conclusive and as such didn't bother to follow up with me after putting the marina coil in. The pains just got worse and I'm reaching the point where I don't know how I'm supposed to keep going! my GP now thinks I have IBS.... It's almost a joke! I Asked for a gyne referral and she said she would do it but thinks that it's not endo.. She said you don't get bloating with Endo! Who doesn't feel a little swollen when they're in agony!? Feeling so frustrated! Not sure what to do next as I feel totally lost in the NHS! Has anybody else faced this constant battle?

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Oh no, poor thing, is there another Gp at your surgery, or if not you need to change surgeries, is you belly always swollen, or just feel bloated,

There is something called adenomyosis, like endo but grows into the wall of the womb and then makes the uterus larger than normal, it's harder to diagnose than endo, and that's hard enough, just keep on and on,

What are your symptoms.??



Hi - as endo sufferers know most have bloating, especially around period time. The most used misdiagnosis for endo by GPs is IBS and I get so annoyed about it as they only have to string a few thoughts together to grasp that endo is almost inevitably going to involve bloating. IBS is a symptom-based diagnosis that effectively means problems with the bowel (irritation of the bowel for some unknown reason) such as irregular bowel habits to include constipation. Endo is often found around the bowel and therefore can irritate it when it inflames at period time or if you have adhesions (which is likely with bowel involvement) they can pull on it and distort it all the time and interfere with natural movements. In turn this often causes constipation for obvious reasons. Constipation causes build up of gases and build up of gas equals bloating! What is so difficult for them to grasp?

Have a look at my post on finding a specialist and take control as you need to be seen by someone specialised in endo and it is your right to choose who you want to see. This is so important now so you get the best treatment from now on. Be sure you look at the links at the bottom to know your rights.

What hope do you ladies have with GPs STILL so ignorant of this disease. I suggest you print off the following about bloating as a symptom of endo and give them to her when you go. I think it will be worth the cost of the paper and ink. The first is a patient's story on the NHS's own Choices website. I don't think she can argue with that!




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Thank you so much for your reply Ladies! Lindle your post has made me feel significantly better! Never have I had a GP be so dismissive of my symptoms, I will certainly provide my GP with the journal extract! Ive checked the list of specialists and James Cook hospital has a specialist centre! It's a hospital not far from me. My GP had finally agreed to refer me but I'm so tired of being treated like a whiny child! Just because I'm 25 does not mean that she knows how I feel better than me. I'm going to drop in my pain diary she asked me to complete with the attached below and also an instruction for a referral to James Cook. Fingers crossed they can do this for me! X


Power to you girl!!


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