appt muck up again!!

Well I was ment to have a gynae appt on 14th April which would be my second opinion, I accepted this from my GP as is wasn't the original hospital I wanted to be referred to for my second opinion but he advised me this was a better option, after looking into it a bit further and speaking with the secretary at the hospital it turns out that my original consultant has referred me for a review with a different consultant but after that one appt I'll then be seen by my original consultant next time (who I never want to see again) hope that makes sense, the secretary said they do referrals for second opinions this way to save money!! I've spoke with my gp surgery who have advised my that I now need to make another appt with my GP for him to refer me to where I originally wanted to go, so another appt has been made for me to see a totally different GP to who I saw last time for him to sort this out, why do I get the feeling it's not going to be straight forward again!!!

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  • Hi Hutchy

    They can't just make these decisions for you - all these people talking about you and deciding where you should or should not go without involving you, the patient, in this joint decision making that is supposed to apply now! What happened about you wanting to go to the endo centre? Is this where you are asking this new GP to refer you? Make sure the referral is to the named gynae there. I should print off what I sent you before - the bits in 'Good Medical Practice' about your right to a second opinion and to be involved in all decisions and 'NHS Choices' saying you can choose where you want to go. I know the senior partner stuck his nose in before so be prepared. x

  • I won't be leaving that surgery tomorrow until the GP refers me to the endo centre where I want to go, I've screen shot the consultants name etc and going to make sure I know my stuff before I go in x

  • Pin him down by his...stethoscope!

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