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Not sure???

I'm thinking of going to my GP as my periods are just getting worse, making it hard work but I'm not sure whether I'm just being a wimp? I always vomit on my period and sometimes the vomiting starts before the bleeding, I feel feint and the cramps are all around and horrific. I also get pain all the way down my legs into my ankles and feet and it feels like a have a severe case of flu. They are awful and achy and painkillers don't help very much. I have also been on the pill had anti-sickness pills and mefenamic acid, cocodamol and naproxyn as my previous GP thought this would help but it didn't. Can anybody with it help me decide whether to go to my GP or is it just one of those things? And does anybody have any cramp/vomiting tips?

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Don't fall into the soldiering on trap. I like you became convinced I was just being a bit wimpy. But if someone came to you and read out your symptoms would you be horrified and urge them to see a doc?

I certainly would. Don't accept being fobbed off you deserve to find the cause and start to resolve your issues. It isn't normal to be flu I'll with each period and don't suffer in silence


Sorry to hear you're having such a hard time. I like you just thought it was one of those things and have put off having anything done for years. My sickness at work got so bad I had no choice in the end and they found lots of endometriosis and things stuck together. You must see your GP and get the ball rolling it's not normal to suffer like this xx


You must go back to your GP and get him/her to refer you for further investigation. It's not 'just one of those things'. Having severe symptoms with our periods is NOT normal.

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