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Advise on what to expect on my first lap?

Morning people, I am due to go in for my first op, they will be removing an area of endo, plus carrying out my first lap, I am unsure on what to expect, how long will it take to recover, I am on my own with 3 young children and have quite a demanding job, I'm just wondering how long I will be out for after the op? Any advise is very much aprishiated.



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Hi darling, I've just had my first lap on sat 7 days ago, and I'm still feeling quite sore, I've been diagnosed with endo and they removed it from the back of uterus and ligament and also ADENOMYOSIS, I had lots of pain prior to my op, and atm it seam likely that it is the same and coming from my adenomyosis rather than the endo,

The average time is 2 weeks, my first 2 days where I fact better than the following 4 but I've also come on arrrggggg.

You will need someone with you to help out for a good few days, make sure you have done a sensible shop, easy cooking or prepar some homemade foods and freeze them, I made a homemade soup for the few days after, full of goodness and 2 mins in microwave,

Good luck and let me no if you need anymore info,


Thank you for your kind reply. My consultant thinks I may have both too. I'm a bit confused is there nothing they can do for the adenomyosis?

Fantastic idea about the pre prepared meals, I shall start cooking:)

I have a very good family and close friends so I can at least let them know how long I will need a helping hand.

I hope your feeling better soon.



I'm feeling a little better today, but havnt done anything yet , just washed and dressed, I've got 3 boys, but they are older youngest 10 13 15. So they and my hubby have been looking after me,

Adenomyosis is similar to endo but the endo cells grow into the muscle of the urterus, and causes swelling and pain, also when we have a period it bleeds still inside the muscle also causing pain,

I've got my follow up appointment 14th April, and he has already suggested an hysterectomy, I'm 39 and am fine with this decision it is the only cure, take the uterus out and the des ease goes with it, he has mentioned 6 month temp menopause to help scrink it but unles this is necessary I don't like the sound of it, it's a very strong drug and for temp relief it seams strange to offer it, but need to discus it more with him.

Let me no if any more questions, I've done my homework,



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