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Pain in right side 4 weeks post lap

Hi everyone!

I'm not sure if I'm worrying about nothing...had a lap 4 and a half weeks ago and recovered okay, mild endo found and removed. Had pain in lower back and hips since the op similar to pain pre op but generally okay. Got an infection in my right incision which got antibiotics for and cleared up fine. But now I've had this strange pain in my right hand side, when I wee it hurts and during sex last night the same place was really painful so had to stop. Thought it was nothing but it's still here 3 days later! Any ideas?

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Hey there

I think you should go to your doc and get them to check for a uti. Utis can be quite common after operations where you had a catheter inserted.

Flank pain and painful urination are both signs of uti. You should watch out for blood in urine and pain in your back just under where your ribs stop. (Signs of kidney infection)

If it's not a uti it could be kidney stones. If it's neither of those then you may be joining our unexplained kidney pain club lol.

Hope this helps, but get checked ASAP!



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