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QUERY PLEASE - what type of scan might show if ovary is stuck to bowel again???

After some advice please. Sorry in advance as I need to talk bowel stuff😝!

I am 7 days post excision surgery for endo and total hysterectomy (ie uterus and cervix removed) at same time for Adeno, all of which took 6.5hrs.

1 week prior to surgery I suffered a ruptured endometrioma (Sod's law) resulting in my ovary adhering to my bowel which obviously my surgeon had to rectify as well. After the ruptured cyst I felt a horrible pressure on my bowel and tummy and my bowel movements were flat (sorry if tmi). Apparently inflammation can cause stools to be flat so the ovary being stuck to it probably inflamed it.

As part of my surgery my surgeon performed an ovarian suspension which was supposed to stay in place for 10 days to give the body time to heal and ensure the ovaries don't get stuck during that healing process. Unfortunately the ovarian suspension didn't suit me causing horrendous pain which couldn't even be controlled with morphine and nausea meaning I didn't eat, sleep or drink much for 4 days and had to stay in hospital longer than anticipated. So the suspension was reversed after 3.5 days unfortunately.

Anyway I now have the same pain and pressure in my bowel and tummy that I experienced post cyst rupture. I thought maybe it was because I was constipated but finally have had a bowel movement today which again were flat stools. I also had my bowel shaved as there was endo on there so it could just be inflammation but I'm scared my ovary/ovaries may have adhered to the bowel again thanks to having to reverse the ovarian suspension earlier than was recommended.

So finally my question is what type of scan would show me this as I'm going to ask my consultant in advance of my follow up appointment next week if he could arrange an appropriate scan? That being said I do not want an internal scan. I think this would be far too painful for me to bear at the moment and I have been through enough pain and want a break!! Please can someone tell me whether an ultrasound, CT or MRI scan will show this up?

Many thanks

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