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First appointment today

Well I just got back from my appointment. It went well, the doctor is really nice which helps a lot, he doesn't talk at you or ignore you, thank god!

Seems my symptoms aren't typical though, but could still be endo, just in rarer form i.e. just in the abdomen and bowel. He's sending me for an MRI to look for endo, but also cross referring me to a gastro specialist to rule out anything going on there, as I have family history with gastro stuff. I've had bloods done at my GP that seemed to rule that out, but he wants to be thorough, so I'm not going to argue.

Once I've had the MRI it will go to both consultants and I'll then have appointments with both to follow up.

In terms of pain management he's said the only thing that will really help is codeine or morphine so I will need to get to the GP and sort that out, he's said steer clear of ibuprofen for now as that will just make things worse.

So it's back to waiting for appointments now, but at least step one is out of the way...

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Hi it's good to hear that you had a good experience. By the sound of where your endo is, mine is the same and I've been on Zomorph for 10 months.Although it helps me sleep and carms my body down but I still take paracetamol and ibuprofen. However the side affects have become to much to bear so I've had 6 days without it. Please monitor how long the doctors leave you on it. Take care Julie. X


Hi - just be aware that an MRI doesn't diagnose endo unless it happens to be of a nature that an MRI will show it up. It will show endometrial cysts, severe or infiltrating endo that has altered your pelvic anatomy and sometimes adhesions but is only a diagnostic tool to help locate disease at a subsequent lap. It will also depend on the type of contracts they use. Basically an MRI can confirm endo but can't rule it out. But it is a good first step.

Your GP, although obviously very helpful, might not know all the possible symptoms of endo. Click on my username and have a look at my post on endp and its symptoms to see how you relate.x


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