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After Decapeptyl.... Period has arrived but will I ovulate?

Hey ladies. I had surgery before Christmas and had one, 3 monthly injection of decapeptyl. So it was due to wear off about now, and my period started yesterday.

I wondered if anyone had monitored ovulation after having decapeptyl. I'm waiting for ovulation so I can have a test (Natural killer cells test in Coventry) and then more fertility treatment.

I keep reading that ovulation might not occur for several months after the last injection but wondered if anyone had had their periods come back so quickly and ovulate aswell.

Bit of a long shot I know. Thanks in advance x

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I was on prostap for ten months and stopped in January. I was told it can take months if not years for yur body to adjust and work again ... However I'm here 7 weeks pregnant. The body is an incredible thing and miracles do happen x


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