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Waste of time having lap?

I had a laparoscopy last Friday because I'd been having pains on my right side below my hip bone which were getting worse each month. The pains would last about 4 or 5 days and these dates were the same every month, I think it was during ovulation. This has happened for 3 years but it's got progressively worse to the point of feeling like I am going to collapse and really struggle in every day life during these days. In addition I've had very long and painful periods. The laparoscopy was a success and they found and removed endo but it was from my left side. They didn't go into my right side, just the centre and left. All was fine until yesterday when my normal pains returned with a vengeance. ive been in agony with the right sided pains today, it is around about where my appendix is I think. It feels like the lap was a waste of time and also feels like I am right back to square one. Is it endo causing that pain, or something else. It really feels as though something is very wrong. I have got no hospital follow up. When the doctor visited my bedside to explain what he'd done he asked me when I had my appendix out - I said I hadn't, he just glossed over that and asked something else so I'm wondering why he asked it! Any help or advice is greatly appreciated

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Hi Karenlouise,

Can you make an appointment with your GP? They should have been sent details of your op and may be able to answer the questions you now have. It's hard to think straight right after your op and know what questions to ask when you've got so much to take in while recovering from the aesthetic. If your GP hasn't got enough info to answer your questions ask them if they will contact the surgeon for you. They may have more luck speaking to them than you trying direct. Don't allow yourself to be fobbed off.

You may not be feeling the benefits of the op yet as they do a lot of poking around and you have a lot of healing to do especially if you had excisions. Give it a couple of months but do see your GP if you're worried. It's a shame they haven't given you a follow up appointment.

Have you discussed any hormone options? I can't take these as I'm trying to conceive but I understand there are several options that could help you.

It's awful that you have several days a month that are a struggle. I'm the same I just dope myself up with painkillers and sit in PJ's with a hot water bottle.

Hope you feel better soon xx


Thanks Vickal, I will see if I can get a follow up via the GP. They gave me the mirena during the lap so keeping my fingers crossed that it makes a difference.

I'm off sick at the minute following lap so taking to my bed in pain in easy but once I'm back at work it's pretty impossible and very stressful being in pain whilst trying to work.

thanks for the reply, and I hope you are feeling ok too xx


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