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having a rough night

Hi ladies!

I am sorry for ranting tonight just having a tough night and got to thinking...do you ladies feel that your symptoms come back faster with the more operations you have?

Since 2009 I have had 3 operations last one in August last year, I have the contraception implant in my arm and generally havn't had any bleeding but this week i have even though it got changed in January so i was at my doctor and he advised seeing how i go for next 6-8 weeks before re reffering to see my consultant again.

I feel like this has just been brushed over I have started training to become an adult nurse and hopefully when i qualify i will be in a position to help other women with Endo, because its been my experience that some of the nursing staff i have had are very blasie about it which is frustrating and my doctor told me to either suck it up or re think my chosen career. :'(

sorry for the rant ladies hope you all have a nice night xx

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Hello :) rant all you want. It's what we are here for. In my personal experiences I have found that my symptoms do appear to come back quicker after each op. A doctor once mentioned to me that this was because everytime I am cut open more scar tissue forms which can cause further pains.

That is so good you are training to become an adult nurse having gone through things will help you be able to empathise with patients - something I feel is missing at the moment.

In terms of your implant- if you feel that something is not right then force them to refer you. At the end of the day you know your body better than anyone.

I hope things get better for you. Just keep your chin up and anytime you need a rant you know where I am 😊 xx

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Thank you Beth, just feel i am banging my head against a wall the GP's attitude was rubbish but thats not new fed up taking pain meds all the time too just a viscous circle.

Totally agree with the lack of empathy as one nurse told me that i had a minor op and should be less dramatic ha my consultant removed endo from my whole pelvic region.

hope you are well tonight xx


Yep I have definitely banged my head a few times. Im so fed up of having to take daily painkillers cause there's no solution. It took me nearly a year to convince my doctor i didn't have IBS and it was something else - I ended up going private in the end.

Wow! That is completely insensitive of the nurse. Bet she had never been operated on before - plus people react different ways after ops!

Just gotta ignore them and remember your not alone in this. Holla at your endo sisters ha! Xx

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I second that ^.

I'm so glad you're training to be a nurse. We need you in there! :)



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