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Losing Weight?

Hi everyone,

I'm booked in for my second lap on 17th of April, my gynaecologist told me to lose weight and I've been following weight watchers. Ive had so many comments lately from people saying they've noticed I've lost weight, but the scales never show a difference? I do feel bloated a lot of the time. My problem is since my last period my endo has been so painful and the fatigue has been constant, im desperate to exercise I went for a walk earlier today and now I can barely walk the pains got so bad. I'm getting so stressed they'll criticise me if they think I haven't lost enough weight when I'm trying so hard xxx

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Have you looked at the endo diet (it's on here!)? I have lost 5lb in two weeks following it and my pain has pretty much gone. I was more fatigued than ever in the first week but ploughed on through and feel so much better now.

It does not fit in with WW though. I have done WW before. You need to avoid sugar which is in an awful lot of WW so called low fat healthy foods, inc their dressings as well as the obvious. I find gluten is another big culprit too. Again, WW tell you to eat their bread, crumpets etc and it is full of gluten. Dairy is something else to be careful of. Good luck. X


I would recommend the endo diet rather than weight watchers. I tried many diets over the years and struggled to lose weight, however lost a stone when I did the endo diet. It is a lifestyle change though as you can't eat any processed food - no sugar, wheat, dairy, red meat, caffeine. I did it really strictly at first but now am less strict, however wheb I do eat something I'm not meant to I don't really enjoy it anymore! So the novelty of chocolate and sugar has worn off as I notice how rubbish it makes me feel. I still eat these things when out for a meal but am more conscious of it and am very strict at home. As for exercise, sometimes I don't do it if I'm in a lot of pain but most of the time I push myself to do it as I often think the pain can't get any worse and often after exercising my pain is a lot better. Good luck xx


I'm definitely going to look into the endo diet, I see there's a recipe book as well which I'll look at. I'm really intrigued if the diet will help the symptoms improve even if only slightly. Thanks for replying ladies :) xx


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