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No results after lap?

Lap yesterday, no results after and all that was on my notes was 'referred back to gp'. What does this mean?

I had my first laparoscopy yesterday and the surgeon rushed off after the procedure without leaving any details in the discharge note other than 'referred to gp' does that mean my consultant is done with me and they found no endo? Why would he not jusy write down what he saw and did. he mentioned before he may need to.remove my appendix if I have endo on it but I don't think he did as I have three incisions all on the left side... I wasn't even told when to remove the dressings or anything... I'm panicking as I'm in a lot of discomfort but I don't know why :( or what has been done inside me!

Surely if he found endo my follow up would have been with him?

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The exact same happened to me on Thursday, so sorry, I know how frustrating this is, I have been crying a lot. You will be in discomfort its normal take painkillers and make an appointment to see your GP to discuss what's next. You should be able to take dressings off today but don't itch the stitches and only have a shower, not a bath. Try and rest x


Hi, I had my first lap yesterday and they found and removed endo from back of uterus and ligament and confirmed adenomyosis, plus my uterus was twisted, I've been given a date in 3 weeks for my follow up appointment

It sounds to me that they didn't find any endo, otherwise you would have a fallow up with your surgeon,

Don't take off the plaster dressing until 48 hours, then keep clean but don't other do it.

Ring your surgeons secretary tomorrow and check what he found and did.

Good luck.


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