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blood clot found in scan, should I be worried?

hi I recently been in hospital due to endo flare up and while in I had a pelvic ultra sound scan and was told there was a blood clot within my lining of my uterus and this was nothing to worry about but then another doctor told me to keep an eye on it? ( how I'm meant to do that I don't no). I am not pregnant and im on pill (pop) back to back so not had a period for over 5 years now, has anyone else had this?should I be worried or not?

Any feed back would be grateful.

Thank you. x

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how can you 'keep an eye on it', they are great, aren't they.

i had a laparoscopy in december, went on the pill back to back for the next 4 months, a blood clot was found on my leg, it's been painful, swollen legs, hard to walk. I was given blood thinning tablets, which I'm still taking.Although the thrombosis nurses didn't ask me to come off the pill, when I went to the gynaecologist for the follow up appointment, she almost told me off for still be taking the pill. I think as a matter of course, if a blood clot is found, they will take you off the pill straight away. That makes the risk higher. It's very frustrating when doctors from different areas don't seem to be able to coordinate each other and work together. Speak to them and let them know you have been on the pill for so long. Ask if this could be a risk factor.

Good luck x


Thank you. im in a catch 22 as if im not on the pill im unable to move due to pain and everything but have been discharged from my gynae consultant and sent to pain management just feel like im just passed from person to person. i have ibs to which doesnt help specially for flare ups and again nobody wants to no. sorry for the bit of a moan. hope your doing ok and they have managed to get ontop on the blood clot.xx


I know what you mean because I feel exactly the same. I almost think at times they are just trying things and hoping for the best, or even hope with time it gets better.

I went to my follow up appointment and was told I have endo on both ovaries, the doctor tells me I just have to live a normal life and 'don't worry'. The blood clot is still there, went yesterday for my follow up, all they've done is give me more thinning tablets.

I don't know if this would help but have you changed your diet? I've been trying to stick to anti inflammatory food. It's quite interesting to read about it and see how food or ingredients can affect your body. Things like red meat, wheat, processed food, sugars. I've always been quite healthy but I'm trying to go the extra mile. I've been doing smoothies for lunch with spinach and fruit and I think I feel better. Some people say it really helped them and made a massive change in how they felt. Just something to consider maybe.

And whenever you feel like moaning - here I am, I love a good moan too!

maria x


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