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Stomach/bowel pains

I am STILL awaiting a date for a laparoscopy after being refferred back in January. How long does it usually take to get an appointment? Also the past week or so I've been more uncomfortable with my back and now starting to get a pain in my bowel and feeling quite sick. I've felt sooo run down tired and just generally not myself and it's affecting my work now... Called in sick today and I'm rarely off sick unless I physically can't get out of bed. I feel fine in general but been up sick and in pain all morning. Just wondering if it's linked to endo as in general I feel fine don't feel ill as such just tired? Any ideas?

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Hi carley, sorry to hear you're feeling so run down. I had my lap yesterday following a gynaecologist appointment on the 5th jan. So I waited a while but hopefully you won't have to wait much longer. I had endo confirmed and some removed. But yes, I'd say it was one and the same thing that you're feeling, I often get bad pain but sometimes just feel really tired and run down. I called in sick last week for the first time in 2 years with pain but just feeling generally run down and tired out.

Hopefully you will fell better soon xxx


Hi carley, I get lots of these symptoms too, so I would say it probably is the Endo...my bowels and bladder are consistently bad and fatigue is a constant too. I waited 3 months for my first lap, but have learnt that if you pester the waiting list coordinator at your clinic then it can hurry things up, as there are sometimes cancellations. I now make sure I have that number and my gynaes secretary in case I need to hassle them! Sometimes if they have a long list of people to allocate a date (by letter) and you ring up then they may be able to allocate you a date whilst on the phone. That's been my experience anyway! x


Hi. Sorry to hear that you are suffering. I first went to my GP for referral on 9th December and had my first consultant appt on 23rd Feb. I then had my lap on 14th March which I know is quite quick but they had scheduled an extra list and managed to fit me in there. I did pester consultants secretary both times and this definitely helped! They have to diagnose and start your treatment within 18 weeks of receiving the referral letter from your GP. Try calling your consultants secretary to see if she has any idea how long it might be because you're in a lot of pain. They normally give you an appointment whilst you're on the phone.

I really hope you get your appointment soon and are feeling better. Sending hugs. X


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