Hey guys I'm new to thus site I'm just wondering gif anyone knows of the best ways to be diagnosed with endo, I've been thinking for a few months everything isn't quite right and looked my symptoms up and it came up with endo, to be honest I'm quite scared, I'm 21 and been suffering for tears, doctors don't seem to want to help me so any tips and advice are truly welcome!! Thanks guys

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  • Best thing to do hun which is what I did is to see a different doctor, get a second opinion, I mentioned endometriosis to my doctor and he took it into account, I had to have swabs, urine tests, scans, and when all of those were clear I was referred to a gynae, he recommended diagnostic laporoscopy and that's what I had on 10th Feb this year and finally got diagnosed with endo, I've been suffering for years and the doctors just kept saying it was my bowels but it wasn't obviously lol,

    I've got quite a lot of endo too, let me know how you get on hun xxx

  • I know the feeling your going through. Best thing to do is mention to your doctor and say you want it investigating. I went through every other possible thing first and then my friend who is also an endo sufferer said I sounded similar to her. I finally got a doctor to listen - nearly 1year after I first went to them - and had a diagnostic laparoscopy to find it. Just stick with your gut feeling and push for them to check it out. Unfortunately because the only way to find it is to have a laparoscopy they are hesitant to do it (from my experience anyways). Hopefully everything will work out for you 😊 just stay positive xx

  • Diagnosis will be certain through having a laposcopy.x good luck and keep fighting x

  • I'm getting so frustrated because everyone I talk to fobs me off to someone else! I spend most nights worrying about what to do and to be honest I'm coming to a point where I am thinking what's the point? Might as well stay in pain and be uncomfortable the rest of my life as that's how I I see the rest of my life.. I'm 21 but this doubled with anaemia its killing me, I'm so sorry to go on but this site is the only place I can express my true feelings about this all without feeling like I'm talking to a brick wall :(

  • Hi - can you give me your history so far with endo symptoms. Have a look at my post on endo and its symptoms to see how you identify with them (click on my username). If you don't already keep a diary. Write everything down so you can be clear in explaining it to your GP. Have a look to at my post on how to access a specialist as this is your right if your symptoms suggest it. Get back to me so we can consider further.

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