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Can't cope!

Im 21 and im still waiting for my second laproscopy to remove the endometriosis, after having the first one to diagnose it last March. I have a severe case of endo, whereby it's attached to my kidneys, liver, bowel, ovaries and diaphragm. Since the first lap, my periods are getting worse! I'm not averaging about 23 days on my period, heavily! and then about 8/9 off. The pain is getting unbelievably stronger! I was told that I was going to have my lap November 2014, when I didn't receive a pre op appointment I rang the hospital and they then said it won't be until after Christmas! I had my pre op on the 8th Jan and I'm still yet to receive a date for my op because apparently the surgeon needs the whole list for me, so there can't be another appointment on the day I go in! My pre-op will run out soon, I think someone said it runs out in 3 months? which means I'll have to go back in and wait again! I was told that I'm not even on the list at the moment so it's likely to be the end of April! Im in my final year of university, and not only do I struggle to concentrate when I'm in pain, but it affects my attendance when I'm being sick with pain or I'm in that much pain I'm unable to drive to uni!

I literally have had enough with endo, and I hate the fact it rules my life! I feel so sorry for my boyfriend who has to put it up with it!

Has anyone gone private? or does anyone know the price, roughly, they charge? or anyone got any advice to help me? I feel so down right now, worried about uni but worried about my self aswell!

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Hi, so sorry your suffering and that waiting time is just atrocious,

Before I got my appointment through for my lap which is sat, I found out it would be around £3000 but that's without complications, you might need More than one surgeons for different parts, so likely to be a lot more, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you



Hi - the most vital thing for you is that your op is being done by a highly skilled specialist in endo surgery and not by a general gynaecologist. Are you being seen in a centre? What concerns me is you saying that the surgeon needs to clear the 'whole list' for you. Endo centres expect complex surgeries to be many hours so would not usually schedule more than two or so a day. Please click my user name and see my post on finding a specialist to check this out and get back to me if you are in any doubt so we can check out the consultant you are seeing. For a private op of this complexity you would expect to pay at least between 10K and 15K. x


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