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Feeling down

Hi all another long moan again I guess 😣 was ment to be having my lap done on the 23rd of March but now been changed to 30th April :-( pains not been as bad at the min at all does any one else go through stages of it being really bad that your in tears then it seems to calm and reappear weeks later?! I'm really down at min one day I'm happy go lucky the next day I could just sit and cry and not have any reason to why?! Iv noticed also that I'm very distant with people and quiet recently which is really not like me iv cried buckets and buckets and just can't explain the way I feel to anybody at all 😣 I just wanna feel me again and not some crying snappy not sleeping women..... Ta

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Hi, I know that feeling, I'm in pain most days but certainly changes from weak to strong, some weeks it's more achy, a weird sensation other weeks pure pain,

And distant I am, can't be ask to talk a lot of the time, which is very unlike me, lol.

I've got my lap Saturday, I would be gutted if they cancelled for another month, I bet your levid,

Is this your first endo lap, to diagnose and excise what's found.??

Sending hugs xxx


Hi Lou I'm sorry you feel so down and you are allowed to moan so much you want too. I know actually how you feel I felt the same earlier this week. My pain was so bad I couldnt function properly and I got no comfort from the medical profession. I felt very alone and frustrated so I contacted a counselling service via my employer and she advised me firstly to write myself a loving and caring letter so I can read it when I'm feeling down. I have another session next week and it's over the phone. I felt good to talk to someone who's not close to me and so I don't feel guilty about keep saying how bad I feel.

Living with this disease is very difficult and no one can really understand unless they are going through it too. So I'm here for you if you ever want to chat and moan. Take care Julie x


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