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Good News

First of all, it's been two whole weeks since I last saw the doctor and mum and I were wondering why we hadn't received the referral yet.

Today, I went to the hospital just to get my yearly blood test done for my thyroid and mum suddenly decided to go to the gynecology department to find out how long the waiting list was. She was astonished to find out that the doctor had only put the referral in three days ago!!! I mean, what was she doing for two weeks.

Mum spent ages talking to the receptionist, I didn't talk much as I was feeling very sick. Obviously the doctor didn't think it was serious because she had said that I would have a "four to six month wait" !!!!

However these people seemed to think, judging by the list of symptoms from the doctor, that it was urgent- not really urgent, just urgent.

So the good news is that I have an appointment at the end of this month! I can't quite believe that I don't have to wait very long at all! Its fantastic! They might even squeeze me in earlier if there's a slot, and we were told that if my symptoms start getting worse, I can get an even earlier appointment.

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I know what you mean about waiting and how doctors don't seem to think suffering with endo isn't urgent no matter how much pain you are in. I have proof that a letter took 6 weeks to be produced from the gastro dept at the Royal in Derby to my doctors to refer me on. It's redictous the time it takes for appointments and referrals. I'm glad your mum chased it up for you. Good luck. 😊


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