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Needing to see my doctor

I had a lap early last month my doctor said that he would make an appointment with me in 6 weeks for a check up, i phoned the appointment line, they said there isnt an appointment until early july.. Im in desperate need to see my doctor as my pain has gotten a lot worse since my operation and im confused with how the operation went.. any advice?

Thank you

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Do you mean an appointment with your GP or consultant? Surely it can't be possible for there not to be an appointment until July with your GP? That's 3 and a half months and would be against some sort of regulations surely. But GP practices do work independently. It might be that another doctor could see you but you will want to see yours? First check again with reception that he isn't off sick or something in which case I should make an appointment with another doctor. If not and he is just booked up until then write a letter personally addressed to him referring to the surgery you had and his assurance that he would see you in 6 weeks. Write down the symptoms you are having, express your concern and state that you have been told you can't see him until July and ask him what he wants you to do. I suggest you send it by recorded delivery so you know he gets it. That way you are making it his problem rather than yours. If that gets you no joy I should ring your consultant's secretary, explain your situation and request a follow up appointment with him/her.


Hi, i had a similar experience I was in a lot of pain after my op. I phone the secretary of my gynaecologist and explained I was in a lot of pain and didn't want to wait that long. I was seen within 3 days and am now on the hormone injection monthly. My pain has definitely reduced xxx


I had a lap in January and the waiting list for my review appointment is June. I am unable up start IVF until I have this review so I had to book a private review appointment with my consultant, which is now next week. It's not something I can easily afford but it's worth the money to not have to wait again for months. The waiting is the worst part.


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