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Worried, anyone else had the same?


I was diagnosed with endometriosis nearly 6 years ago at the age of 15. Although the amount of build up I had, my gyno said that it's been growing for a while. I had injections to put me into pre-menopause and tried different types of birth control with only progesterone in. But nothing eased the pain. Since then Iv had 3 laps and 2 years ago got diagnosed with PCOS. I had the coil inserted 3 years ago to help with the pain and it has done the trick, until the hormones in the coil started to run out. A month ago now I started having really bad flare ups with pain I was unable to move from, after a scan last Friday they showed that one of my overarys was larger than normal, with cysts, and a lot of excess fluid around, which i wasn't to concerned about until they spoke about removing the whole overary. I'm only 20... Am I too young to go through the removal? And what happens with my fertility?

Sorry for the essay! Anything would be hugely appreciated. 😐

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Hiya, sorry to hear you're going through this.

I had a large cyst (the size of a small orange) removed when I was 28, not as young as you.

Have you expressed your concerns to your gyne?

They won't remove the ovary unless they absolutely have too. But you still have the other one, so if it helps with the pain etc.....e.g. us know how you get on.



Hey Jo, I'm sorry to hear that, did the removal help?

Yeah my gyne is well aware but he's refusing to do anymore laps as 'I need to learn it's not the cure' I'm still waiting on a consultation to go back and see him. But in the nicest way, he doesn't understand... Trying to explain how bad the pain Is to him is just like explaining what colours are like to a colour blind person... So infuriating!

Thanks for your support though xxx


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