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Possible Ruptured Cyst Questions

I went to urgent care the other day and they theorise that I had a cyst rupture but the contents drained properly (through the uterus instead of onto my internal organs) based on the symptoms I had.

So, I got the cyst drainage instead of a period, my fainting episodes got worse, and I ended up contracting a cold immediately after (according to some nurses and doctors I've asked, the immune system will be weakened temporarily after a cyst rupture, thus resulting in the cold). Supposedly this is all normal, is it?

To anyone who's had this happen, is there anything I can do during this recovery time besides take ibuprofen to help keep irritation to a minimum and not "push myself"? They had plans for surgery, is it possible that this could effect that? Should I request any specific tests or exams from my doctors now that this has happened?

I haven't found too much via googling this, but reading form someone else's experiences is usually just as helpful.

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Hi - endo is an immune system condition anyway so you can be susceptible to infections any time your endo flares up. If your cyst was on your ovary I'm not sure how it could possibly drain through your uterus unless, I suppose, it was immediately at the opening to your Fallopian tube but I don't know how a nurse could possibly make such an assumption. As you are talking about blood I assume it was an endometrioma and not a regular ovarian cyst. An endometrioma rupturing into the pelvic cavity can cause excruciating pain but at its mildest would be a stinging, burning pain. What is important now is that you are seen by an endometriosis specialist. Have a look at my posts on endo and its many symptoms and how to access a specialist.


Hi, about 3 years ago I had terrible pain which I'm absolute sure was a large chocolate cyst that had ruptured (in hindsight I had symptoms of a big cyst and they found a reducing cyst in a scan 6 months later). I basically bled and bled after, and had horrible discharge and bleeding for a further 18 months or so which led to my diagnosis. I think the cyst losses must have drained because I bled so much, but also think it leaked into my abdomen as from that day I had pain in the same area and there were LOTS of adhesions in my tummy which they found at surgery. If you are having surgery will they give you zoladex before? My specialist did to make it easier to separate the ovaries from other tissues etc. I hope this might help a little bit and don't want to scare you. I know sometimes it's hard to find the exact information that is relevant to your symptoms as it's all so different x


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