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Just had a laparoscopy, some endometriosis removed; worried and confused about next step

I'm 22 and about a week ago, I had an exploratory surgery to confirm my endometriosis diagnosis. While they were in surgery, my doctor removed a patch of endometriosis, but said that the remaining endo was microscopic, and therefore could not be removed surgically. My doctor is pushing for me to start a menopause inducing drug, but I am extremely skeptical. Not only am I concerned about the side affects, but I'm also confused about the steps post drug treatment. After doing my own research, I've read about both good and bad experiences with these types of drug treatments, but it seems that these treatments are only a temporary fix and that after 6 months of treatment, I'll need to stop taking it.

My question is this: have you been put on a menopause inducing drug to help fight your endo? If so, what was your experience with it? What did your doctor recommend after your time on the drug?

I'd really appreciate any information you can give me. I'm worried about the decisions I need to make concerning this disease, especially being so young.

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Im no doctor and this is my opinion.. i was offered the same and refused as im only 31 and dont want to go into early menopause... After joining this site iv read loads and realised this step hasnt helpped alot of people. I was told when im done having children a hystorectomy will stop the endo... And again ppl have had that and still get endo... So im losing faith in what the docs are saying will work ... Iv done the pill back to back for 3nonths and did nothing apart from make me feel sick. Now have coil.. its ok but dont see its going to stop the endo as im still suffering with pain and thay was fitted 5weeks ago during my 2nd lapo. Some endo was removed and the rest was microscopic and unable to. I do fear im going to be in pain forever but id rather try manage it than have early menopause.x


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