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Hi IVE had 3 operations altogether I suffer with endometriosis the pain is awful but I can just about deal with that, what I can't deal with is the low moods hating the way I look just can't being myself out of it, does anyone else suffer like this? I feel like it's taking over my life!? I'm on antidepressants for endo, but when I'm having bad bouts of pain I seem to just slump into this mood and was wondering if this is to do with endo? Or something else and I get bouts of anger for no reason I feel really out of control!!

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Hi - please see my post on endo and its symptoms to see if you relate to them.


Hi, sorry your feeling like this, have you asked your doc for cancelling or is there a endo group in your area, sometimes we need to get it all out, talk, shout, or cry.

Good luck, xxx


Hi there,

Im sorry you are dealing with this pain and i understand cause i battled endo for years and im finnally getting relief from endovanhttp://www.endovan.com/ . You can see this information online. I wish you the best of health.


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