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IVF and endo in extreme pain

Hi everyone,

I am currently going through IVF. I've finished the injections and my eggs will be retrieved tomorrow. Unfortunately I am in so much pain (I think because of endometrioma on left ovary) I haven't slept for nearly 3 weeks. It's a burning/stabbing pain. I would never have thought IVF could be so painful! Please tell me someone else has lived this hell while going trough an IVF cycle and that I'm not alone. I feel so tired and so worried as doctor said pain would get worse after egg retrival.

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Hi - with IVF they give you medication first to shut down your natural hormones then give you synthetic hormones to make several follicles develop at once so they can retrieve as many mature eggs as possible. If you have inflammation on your ovary from endo then I expect it can be very painful. When you think that some people have severe pain when they ovulate you can probably multiply it several times over. I think you will just have to stick with it, take pain killers and hope it pays of with a baby. Good luck.

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I know exactly how you feel and you are not alone! My first round of IVF was an awful experience and really aggravated my endometriomas. I struggled a lot with having internal ultrasounds every other day as I find those extremely uncomfortable and painful as well as taking the meds. It took me a long time to recover as everything that could go wrong did. However, the second time round I did the short protocol and it was a completely different experience. Fingers crossed that this round results in a baby but don't be put off IVF as there are ways of managing the endometriosis during the treatment. The second time round the clinc and you will have a much better understanding of how your body reacts to this process. Good luck for the EC. Let me know how you get on xxx


Thanks for your support xx


I forgot to ask you, did you have endometriomas removed after IVF? And did you manage to become pregnant?


Hi Marion I had my 1st round of IVF in nov/dec & I'm afraid I found it pretty horrendous from start to finish.like you the drugs only flared up my endo (diagnosed with severe endo everywhere last July) & I felt like I was in labour for a week with the pain gradually reducing after egg collection (still there but manageable) & don't talk to me about the hormones shish I was a wreck ha ha. unfortunately we were unsuccessful & right now cannot even think of putting myself through IVF again found it so emotionally & physically exhausting.i had a relative who has had many rounds of IVF & it was so important talking to her,you need someone who has been through the same experience to help & guide.i hope the egg collection went ok & some embryos are dividing right now. Wishing you all the luck in the world Lou x


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