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Post excision inflamm / adhesions

I'm 8 weeks post 2hr plus excision surgery and pain and symptoms much worse, which surgeon says can happen and need to wait another 3 months to settle. Meanwhile can't sleep for killer headaches, nor stand for numb legs / pelvic pain. GP sent for bloods to rule out obvious (anaemia, sodium, check inflamm levels).

Also can't stop weeping (don't cry easily) and understand inflamm can release cytokines that have a depressive in effect.

In short never felt so bad, in dispair. If is inflamm or new adhesions post surgery what can be done?

Should also mention was low and had headaches with mirena so also had that out 2 weeks ago, so hormones all over the place.

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Hi, I had my lap in May 2013 treated for stage 4 endo, in agonizing pain for years, anyway finally had it, and the pain was just as bad maybe worse, worried that I made the wrong choice in having the lap, but........ After a good 3 months I started to notice an improvement, and apparently it may not get bad again, but if you had it bad most likely will, 7 months after my lap I noticed pain again :( cysts appeared again, anyways i get really down and depressed the worse the pain, some days I spend in tears.....

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Hi there, from my own research and what my consultant told me after my lap it is possible that adhesions can grow following the surgery. Unfortunately it is a vicious cycle - lap to remove adhesions, new adhesions form, more surgery could cause more..

However it may just be that you haven't fully recovered internally. I felt so miserable the first 2-3 months after my 2hr plus excision lap, things slowly started to get better but not all my symptoms ever went away. Some even got worse, but it depends where your endo was. Most of my symptoms have all come back now 7 months on just like the poster above, I believe the endo has returned. :( But this isn't the case for everyone. My auntie had a laparoscopy years ago and none of her symptoms have returned.

Also, your fluctuating hormones could explain the headaches and low mood, I also had the same experience coming off of norethisterone the day of my lap. I was emotionally unstable for months following it and still am! Sometimes the uncertainty and the thought of the endo returning or the fact that you're still experiencing pain post-op can make a person feel a lot more emotional, especially after undergoing such a (mentally and physically) big procedure.

When are you due to see your consultant for the follow up? You could try push for a sooner date if it doesn't improve within the next month. I know the battle with going back and forth with them never really gets you anywhere. Hope things get better for you x

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One thing I could add to what's already been said is that my GP told me that the manipulation of your ovaries during the lap can cause you to be flooded with hormones - I didn't sop crying for about three months either. It's slowly got better since then and I feel a bit more human now, in spite of some of the symptoms having returned :(. The marina won't have helped either - hang in there, some of us just take longer to recover than others, and are more susceptible to hormone fluctuations. Be kind to yourself and make sure you're getting enough vitamins etc. XX

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