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Constant battle

Hello, so this may be seem very long winded. March 2014 I had a laparoscopy done and found out I have endo. They also found out I had polycystic ovaries. A year later today I'm laying in a hospital bed for what feels like the millionth time in a year.

I haven't had any treatment for any of my conditions except the pill.

I came off the pill four months ago and haven't had a period since. Anyhow. I had an internal scan today and they saw small cysts. One doctor has told me I can't have another laparoscopy and I have to wait to be refered after hormone treatments as this is not endo playing up its my polycystic ovaries. I got told previously by a doctor last night that PCOS doesn't actually cause pain unless a burst cyst which I don't have.

I have now found out they have stopped all my pain relief as they said it's causing me more pain.

I'm 19, eat healthy, and extremely confused and fed up.

Can I request a laparoscopy whilst I'm in hospital? I came in last night fr a&e because the pain I'm having is terrible.

Instead of stopping my pain relief why can't they suggest they burn the endo and then see. I know everyone is different but I've spoken to so many people that said they felt so much better after having this done

Thank you in advance for your answers, guidance and help xxx

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The problem is if you have a lap whilst in hospital you will get a surgeon that knows very little about endo, and might end up just another bad attempt of helping you and your symptoms, I'm not sure if you can get refered to a specialist endo gyne doc from the hospital or if you have to go back to your Gp, but what ever way that would be your best bet, sounds like you need someone to excuse your endo if found not laser it,

Good luck

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They found the endo last time but said that wasn't what was causing my pain back then. I'm so confused by everything. I've been waiting for a referral from my doctors for 6 weeks and they still can't tell me when I should be hearing something.:(


Hi - have a look at my post on how to access a specialist in endo. They will be able to address the PCOS as well but a general gynaecologist will often not deal with the endo properly.

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Of course endo causes pain....

The following works for me but please ensure you are not allergic to the drugs first (let me reiterate - see your gp first! :-) ) I take paracetamol and ibuprofen. Sometimes I take them together but usually I take them every 2 hours: ibuprofen then paracetamol 2 hours later (doesn't have to be in that order) and repeat upto 4 times a day. One of my favourite things, though, is a good old fashioned hot water bottle and rest. Honestly. It's soothing and comforting so I soon find myself a bit more relaxed and sometimes even having a nap.

Ask your medical team why certain procedures/drugs are not being offered to you. I have my own thoughts as to why, but THEY should be explaining it all to you!

Please go to your gp and and really emphasise to him/her that the pain is unbearable and you need something done now! Also six weeks just to HEAR about an appointment is unacceptable in my book. Ask your gp to contact them again.

Best of luck.


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