Endo and combating fatigue!

Hi Ladies, any tips for combating fatigue with your endo? I really dont want to turn into a couch potato (cannot have caffiene so that's out!) but am feeling so tired all the time at the moment. I usually go to the gym 3 times a week but currently only going once or twice max to see if that helps. It's frustrating as I dont want to give in :(

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  • Hi. I know how you feel! I have always felt tired and low on energy. I could never understand people who went out after work, I just wanted the sofa! Relieved to now know why.

    Have you looked at the endo diet? I have been gradually cutting the sugar and I don't eat wheat any way. But this week I have stuck to the diet quite rigidly; no sugar, caffeine, wheat, dairy and alcohol. Mon-wed I felt shocking, headache etc and no energy. But today I feel like I am coming out of the other side and my energy levels are rising. Sleeping better too. Worth a look? X

  • Thank you. I have looked at the Endo diet and I am halfway there, I am vegetarian, caffiene intolorent and rarely drink alcohol. Perhaps I need to try and go the whole way with it. My concern is that it seems to be sugar that keeps me going through my working day, without that as well I'm not sure how il be! x

  • Sugar is more addictive than any drug. The more you have it the more you want it because you have the sugar highs and then the lows. If you can get it out of your system you will lose the need for sugar. I really recommend Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar book, she has a website too. It's hard but I am so glad I petsevered. Keep looking at Easter eggs wondering whether I will actually have one this year! A crazy thought for a chocoholic!! X

  • I feel like it's chocolate that keeps me sane!! Thanks for the recommendation I will download it for my kindle x

  • Hi - have a look at my post on endo and its symptoms. The fatigue and intolerances are due to it being an immune system condition. But everyone can have different intolerances and allergies and each one can make you feel the same. Cutting out processed foods, generally avoiding chemicals and keeping your gut flora healthy to avoid yeast overgrowths is is essential but cutting out arbitary foods might not help if you don't know if your are intolerant or not. I strongly suggest that endo sufferers pay to have allergy and food intolerance tests done to identify what you are specifically allergic and intolerant to then you have something to work on.

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