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Worth getting a specialist early?

I popped a post up yesterday giving info on my situation; long history of abdo pain which a lovely A&E Dr said sounded to her like endo. When my GP referred me to gynae the receptionist used Choose and Book and gave me the choice of 2 local hospitals. One did my last laproscopy and removed adhesions and said no endo - this was 2 yrs ago. The other is where I have seen urology and am currently seeing colo-rectal - I chose this option as they will have access to all my details and also because the wait time was shorter. Would I be best to see the general gynae there or go back to the Drs receptionist and ask to go to the Birmingham Endo Centre which I have learned about from reading some posts here? I am guessing that the wait time for that would be long.

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Hi, I would definitely recommend going to an accredited endo centre instead of a general gynaecologist, even if the wait is longer.

Endo is complex and therefore needs a specialist who is used to dealing with endo day in, day out.

I liken it to the fact you wouldn't (or shouldn't anyway) use a plumber who isn't gas safe certified to service your boiler as you wouldn't want to risk the potential harm they could cause by not knowing exactly what they are doing because they have not undertaken the specialist training in this area!

Best wishes


I like the analogy!

If I want to change who I am referred to do I use the log on I was given by the surgery for Choose and Book or will I need to go back to the Drs receptionist? Sorry if it is a dim question but I was unaware you could go to anywhere but the local hospitals until I found this site and I'm also in a painkiller haze! I'm unsure if it will be endo but the A&E Dr seemed convinced.


Of course I'm not suggesting you're an old boiler tho lol!

I am not familiar with the choose and book system. My GP practice doesn't have it but I think we're a bit in the sticks here - we always seem to get things last! You could certainly try to change the booking on the system and failing that you may have to go and ask your GP to make the referral on your behalf. Just be mindful that some specialist centres on the BSGE website are private only, some NHS & some both private & NHS. If in doubt either ring the BSGE number & they'll advise or ring the endo centre direct to ensure they are NHS.

Best wishes


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