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The pill before surgery ?!

This may be a silly question but it's causing me to worry so thought I'd ask, I'm having surgery to remove severe endo with probable bowelresectioning within the next few weeks. I've been taking cerezette for the last 3 months which has helped quite a bit, but im worried that because the endo is not inflamed/looks as bad, areas may be missed when I have my surgery. I have had several misscarriages and I'm hoping to become pregnant after the surgery im wondering if I should stop the pill, im not working anymore so I could deal with more pain if it means il have a better outcome in the end.

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Hi, how long off is your op? If it's just a couple of weeks I'm not sure that it would make much difference to the endo. Assume it would take a good month for the pill to be out of your system?

Are you seeing an endo specialist? If it was an issue I'd have thought they would have told u to come off it before.

They might want u to be on some form of contraception for a few week after the op for things to heal and settle down before getting pregnant. (I had to go back on pill for 6month but I had a lot of work done on my uterus).

Sorry can't be of more help!

Good luck with the op :)


Thank you, I think it'll be another month min before my op, I'm just panicking I don't want to have any bits missed! He is a specialist though so I'm sure he won't im just worrying now xx


Hi - cerazette is a progesterone only contraceptive that opposes the oestrogen in your body so makes the eostrogen less effective. In some people it quietens down the endo activity. But with severe endo it won't have any effect on the actual endo tissue so don't worry, that will still be there for them to find. But you might want to consider stopping it for other reasons before major surgery as it can increase the risk of blood clots. The risk is likely to be very small so it's a personal decision really. You can read info on it here:


The most important thing is that with potential bowel resection (that is very complex) you are being operated on by a specialist in endo laparoscopy and not a general gynaecologist with more limited skills. Have a look at my post on finding a specialist to check that you are.


Hiya thanks replying, yeah I've got a specialist surgeon and a bowel surgeon, iv been on the waiting list for a while now it was supposed to be jan/feb but I think it's going to be another month minimum as I'm sixth on the list hopefully not much longer😥x


Good luck with it x


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