New here and need advice!

Hello everyone! I'm new here an new to the term endometriosis and I would be grateful for some advice. I started my periods at 12 years always extremely heavy and painful to the point of missing school, at 18 it was recommended I try the pill which at that point I was willing to try anything whilst in the pill I gained 3 stone in weight an had other health problems at 22 I came off the pill as my pituarity gland was extremely raised an since my problems have became increased worse I am having 12 days long periods with no time frame I either have them every 2 weeks or monthly they are heavy but the first 4 days I pass old dark blood, I am unable to get out of bed due to extreme tiredness I also am noticing other symptoms as for now I am on my 2nd referal to the hospital but I keep hitting brick walls with no answers! So I was wondering if anyone had any advice as my gp thinks it could be endometriosis but thr hospital would test me for it? Any advice would be helpful! Thank you all in advance!

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  • Hi - have a look at my post on endo and its symptoms to see if you relate to the typical 'picture' of someone with endo, and look at the one on how to see a specialist. As you GP suspects it he should cooperate in referring you.

  • Thank you for your reply! I have just looked at your post and I have almost all of the symptoms, I have been fobbed off with it being blamed on my age and it would fix its self within 6 months of coming off the pill that was 2 years ago I feel like the answers are there but no one will give me them! Thank you again.

  • Now you need to be confident, strong and take charge of your health making use of your rights and choices. That is why they are there despite what many outdated and uninformed GPs may think. x

  • Thank you for the advice hopefully I will get answers soon x

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