Hi. An anyone help,I'm due a Laparascopy and removal of overy on Thursday and this my period may arrive by then ,can I still have this proceedure done ?

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  • Yes, definitely. Best of luck.

  • Thank you ! You have put my mind at rest x

  • Hello, I'm sure if you couldn't they would have check your period dates, should be ok, ring the secretary to put your mind at ease

    Good luckxxx

  • Thank you xx

  • Hi - I had my hysterectomy and both ovaries removed when I had my period. Your uterus will just be more bulky than it would be after a period. Ringing the secretary is still a good idea though .

  • Thanks hun,I'm hoping to just have the 1overy removed along with Endo but it has been mentioned that nigh may need to be removed ,as I'm 28 I feel im still a bit young for the hysterectomy but what will be will be x

  • Hi - you are very young to have both ovaries removed. Are you being operated on by an endo specialist as they will usually preserve ovaries (or at least one) in most cases. If both are removed you will have to go on oestrogen therapy for a very long time which can reactivate the endo. What is the problem with the ovaries?

  • Over the last 3 years Iv been in so much pain with my tummy ,when I had my first lap a couple of years ago he said I had stage 4 Endo and needed extensive surgery ,when I eventually had my op I had to have part of my bowel removed plus endo ,that was in June last year .still in lots of pain I had Mri and scan which showed endo had come back ,pain is always in my left side which im assuming is the overy causing the sugeon is a specialist and since I was 26 has continually asked me if o wanted more kids and keeps mentioning hysterectomy,although I have no plans for more it doesn't mean iv ruled it out. X

  • The endo had grown into my bowel

  • Oh you poor girl. This thing is so indiscriminate to be so severe in someone as young as you. All you can do is put your faith in your specialist as you are doing and hope it goes as well as it can. x

  • Iv come to terms with the fact that I may have to have hystorectomy as the pain I'm in stops me from doing normal day to day things,I have a son who has autism and ADHD so iv found IT near on impossible looking after him whilst in pain ,pain free is what I'm hoping for so if that means going the whole his then that's what Il consultant is brilliant I hve every faith in him x

  • I'll think of you on Thursday x

  • Thank you so much x

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