pshre at school

hi ladies, I was just sitting here thinking about how people could be more aware of something that perhaps they had never heard of, or might not ever have to know any thing about,

My thoughts where, perhaps we should firstly think about putting it on the curriculum at school, in pshre or sex education,

Also I was wondering, if you where to become a gyne doc now, is it included in the course, ???

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  • Hi - a doctor would choose to become a gynaecologist but that would be general gynae, so they would cover endo only in a basic way. If they wanted to become specialised in endo they would then do training in endo lap surgery, learning by the side of an established expert. But remember gynaecologists only deal with the gynaecological aspect of endo, not the immunological aspects of the underlying immune system disease. That is the problem. No one deals with the fundamental disease only the symptoms in the pelvis.

  • I thought about this re info given at school to make women more aware of it so they are not thinking it is just normal and being fobbed off by drs. I think it would be beneficial. I have messaged Endometriosis Uk to ask if it is something they do or are involved in with going to schools to talk about or if they know if it is something covered at schools. However I have not received a reply.

  • Speaking as a sufferer I can definitely see the benefits. However, speaking with my teacher hat on, I can see that an already overloaded curriculum just doesn't have the room to cover it in any sort of valuable detail.

    A sad fact of life unfortunately. 😔

  • I think this is a great idea. I had a similar idea, though not enquired about it or suggested it yet. Taking on board discobec's point about an overloaded curriculum, perhaps something like a book or leaflet to be made available to teachers and pupils at school. It could even be an ebook or an app given that most children now have access to smart phones or tablets.

    Perhaps we could start a thread of suggestions for Endometriosis UK to consider? With a voting option to identify the most popular suggestions. Not sure if it's possible to do on here - any techie persons out there who can look into this?

  • I thought maybe people like us who have a ok understanding maybe going round schools and doing talks about it, that way it could just take up the place of tutor time or assembly time and not over load curriculum or teachers,

    Then perhaps a leaflet like chezza1 said to hand out


  • Good points raised. It is a tricky situation. I wish there was a way.

    I have spotted this question was asked 2 years ago on here with the post : Raising Awareness in schools for young girls. This post has some interesting points raised too. Funny how something can crop up again a couple of years down the line.

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