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Some advice please


I have hsd every contraception going and regularly go through phases where I bleed continually (at the moment 7weeks mainly spotting) last couple weeks I have been aching in my back and lower tummy. I go through teary stages. 4 years ago many tests etc came back normal but mentioned endometriosis and I didn't follow this up. From what I read certain pills would manage the bleeding but hasn't. Had implant removed today. Can anyone relate. I'm 27 years old.

Many thanks xx

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hi, who mentioned endo,

if I was you I would ask to be reffered to a gyne doc,



Id chase it up along the endo route and if not it will rule it out and if it is.. a laposcopy will confirm this x


Hi - have a look at my posts. As you are young and have not yet had any surgery you must make sure any endo referral is to a specialist in the condition and not a general gynaecologist. You have the opportunity to be treated properly from the start.


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