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Looking for advice

after having abdominal pain and many other problems for a very long time i finally had my laporoscopic surgery on 19th feb this year. the diagnosis was endometriosis. i have never heard of this in my life and i work on a gynaecological surgery ward!! i never got told about this at the hospital only they have removed some scar tissue and i have a few small cysts on my ovary. i found out about the endometriosis after visiting my g.p due to a lot of pain 2 weeks after surgery. i now feel completely in the dark and don't know where this leaves me. any advice on living with this condition would be much appreciated as i have now been off work 2 and a half weeks and need to get back. also forgot to mention havent had a period for approx 4-5 years due to the implant but have been bleeding since my op and the period pain is horrendous. i missed alot of school etc due to this when i was younger and i thought it was painful then but this is horrible. gp just said its normal after a lap x

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Hi - have a look at my posts to learn about endometriosis and how to access a specialist if/when that time might come. You will have been seen by a general gynaecologist and there's a good chance there might be some left in your pelvis. Keep a detailed diary from now on and note down all symptons that seem endo related so you will have a good written history to refer to. Most people who have their first endo surgery by a general gynaecologist will end up having more so please be sure that if you do need another it is done by a specialist in the condition. You have a right to a second opinion at any time, so as you have a firm diagnosis be sure to exercise it. x

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