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Hi al. I am being referred to gynae for Endo, but not for another month. I have been in hospital a few times with these abdo pains. I have bladder pains around a week before periods and during, tiredness/fatigue, irregular periods and heavy period, also have deep pain when I have sex which is sometimes putting me off having sex. Does this sound endometriosis? Is there anything I can do for tiredness/fatigue as this is affecting work now.

Thank you for listening

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Hi - please read my posts on endo to see if you recognise the symptoms and how to find a specialist. You shouldn't be seen by a general gynaecologist as it is such a complex condition. The fatigue is due to it being an immune condition. Follow the advice on cutting out processed foods, eat plenty of foods with antioxidants and avoid chemicals. If you have a lot of allergies it is a good idea to get tested and for food intolerances too so as to know what to avoid. Keep your weight down too as fat produces oestrogen and can make it worse.


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