Endometriosis surgery

Hiya just wondered if anyone has had surgery for endometriosis at stepping hill hospital, i have been to see my gynae today and she wants me to have an MRI as my bowel and bladder are both involved which means i will have colorectal, gynaecology and urology doing my op when I go in. If anyone has been treated there i would really like to hear your experience's as I'm really nervous. Thanks Rachel xx

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  • Hi - that hospital is on the BSGE list of accredited centres for treating complex endo like yours, so your GP has done a good job sending you to the right place.

  • Hi thanks for the reply, hopefully in the right hands then now after 20 odd years of GPs telling me there is nothing wrong. Thank god 😊 xx

  • Ah...you are another who imagined your illness! Have a look at some of my posts that might be helpful. Just click my username. x

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