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Having a bad day :(

Well its been 5 days since I was discharged from hospital and I am still lying in bed with chronic pelvic pain having to take pain killers every four hours just to take the edge off. I am feeling so low and fed up and just crying over everything, i am currently signed off work and not getting paid. Have had to give up my horse due to being unable to see to her ect. And i am just panicking that I will be signed off for too long and will struggle with money! I have a doctors appointment today to speak to my gp about how low its getting me but i have a feeling they won't listen to me, i am still waiting on my appointment for my lap and im worried that i will be bed bound in pain until then which could be months. Im not really asking a question this time, more just finding a way to get everything off my chest by writing a post on here to others who may be able to relate.

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Hi susangorman97, i can total relate to how u are feeling. I have been bad since xmas with pains but got so bad saturday my parents took me to hospital, i was discharged last night and am no further forward. I hsve been on the sofa for a week now, and feel the same way. i have an appointment witha specialist in April to c if they will do something but until then i suppose i will just have to suffer. I hope u feel better soon.


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