Success!! Sorta :)

I went in yesterday to have my first lap ever, I'll be honest I was bricking it haha. Everyone was so lovely and kind and so accommodating they put the cream on my hands an hour before to numb it as I'm terrified of needles and was told I would be straight in so only waited an hour :) so went in and the nurse who was with me all the way through was very nice and chatty and the aneasatist was so nice especially with his Scottish accent :) one minute I was talking the next I woke up. Was very painful so was given some painkillers but became really really itchy was wondering if anyone else had this as apparently it only happens to a few. Had a look at my stomach and I had three holes was so happy as this meant they had found something. I was in recovery for a bit longer cos of the itchiness bout an hour and a half. Went back through to the ward and the specialist asked if I wanted to see the pictures, they were so cool. He showed me where he found a bit, behind my left ovary and behind my right ovary and then showed me where they had cut it out. So basically I have mild endo which usually means you have more pain, and I'm done with the specialist, he said he wouldn't ever need to see me again, which I very much doubt as the scar tissue will probably come back but all in all it was a success, thank you everyone who gave me advice and tips on what I can do :) you all helped so much.

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  • Fantastic

  • Congratulations, lol, I've got mine on 21st March v nervouse but can't wait, hopefully my results will be like yours, only mild and now gone,

    Hopefully your recovery will be a speady one and you can get back on with your life,

    All the best, xxx

  • Thank you :) I think I've already overdone it already today tbh but I don't like just laying down doing nothing :) good luck with yours :) xxx

  • Sounds good! Did they give you morphine for the pain? When I had my lap 2 weeks ago I was incredibly itchy and apparently it can be a side effect of the morphine. Within a couple of days it had gone though. xx

  • I don't know what painkiller it was but it made me very very itchy, especially on my face, they gave me the equivalent to puriton she said as it is classed as an allergic reaction xxx

  • Oh dear. I didn't have it that badly it was more my stomach but it sounds like you had a proper reaction if they gave you an antihistamine. Prob worth trying to find out what it was so you know what you're allergic to. Glad you had good news otherwise though and best of luck with your recovery! xx

  • Yh I'm surprised they didn't put it in my notes they gave me afterwards but it should be in my medical notes hopefully. Thank you :) xxx

  • Oral mothine makes my nose itch, when I was in hospital last year

  • This one was through my drip, cant remember what she said It was

  • Congratulations hun great news :-) take care xx

  • Thank you :) xx

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