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Period info from others

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to be a bit more open and talk about what they go through during their periods?

At the moment, one of the reasons the GP won't refer me is I don't have particularly painful periods. I have however noticed recently large clots, really dark almost brown blood and bits of what looks like some kind of tissue? I would describe it as a similar consistency to cellophane or a thin layer of glue?

I don't get particularly bad cramps but it does get very dry and very sensitive to touch. I'm very worried about it, but am worried the GP won't take it as a symptom of possible endo, does anyone else feel like sharing their experiences?

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Hi, since I stopped bf my child my periods have come back very very heavy, and lots of clots which flood sanitary towels. I have pain but a lot of it is a dragging heavy sensation between my legs.. Sometimes I really can't sit down.. rather than in my tummy area. I also have painful bowel movements on the first day of my period. I also get period like pains at ovulation..

If your Dr won't refer you for further investigations go back..repeatedly.. Or try another GP.. Good luck



I had a lap and was diagnosed with endo in October. I don't have many 'classic' symptoms. I didn't start my periods at a very young age, they aren't heavy or long, I don't have clots, they aren't particularly painful. But I do have endo. I Have daily pain and find ovulation painful. It appears so differently in sufferers that you need to keep going back or find a gp that will refer you. Good luck hun x


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