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When am I ovulating?

Hi ladies!

Sorry to waffle on but I need some help!

My partner and I have been TTC for 7 months and after no luck my doctor has advised me to have blood tests and my partner to have checks before she refers us for further help. I know I have endo obviously which makes it a pain in the butt to work out when I ovulate as my cycles range from 31 days long to 47.

Now I've been trying the ovulation sticks, using them from around day 10 right the way through until I get a positive LH surge. This usually is accompanied by lots of cramping which I'm guessing is painful ovulation and a fair amount of discharge (sorry for the details)

Is this proving almost certain that I'm ovulating at this time?

My concern is that I had a positive LH surge on day 21 and now on day 33 and I feel like I'm about to come on my period already? Is this possible? As I thought ovulation occurred in the middle of your cycle?

I need to pinpoint these dates as I've had a blood test whilst being on my period and then was told to have another exactly 7 days after I ovulated. I have had this one too however I've been told it may take a few times of repeating the tests until I get a result back :(

Thanks for reading, any help appreciated!!


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They just did mine on day 21 of my cycle as a matter of course despite the fact that at the time I was having a 21 day cycle. Your doctor is right, this is the first testing you should be doing. Ovulation testing kits don't actually confirm you're ovulating, they just show you should be. The blood test does actually show whether you did or not but should be done on the right day so it's blooming hard work.

Where is your endo? 7 months isn't long even for someone with a perfect fertility system. You may even been taking this long just because you can't pinpoint your ovulation, I never think it's wise to try and target your 'fertile days' it's better to have sex every other day. I know that 7 months without managing your endo and all the sex may be painful but it's the price we pay, we all go through it :)

If they can't find that you're ovulating then I expect you'll be prescribed clomid, a drug that makes you ovulate. If you are unsuccessful with this then you'll be referred for the infertility clinic. If your test shows you are ovulating you'll be given longer to try :) xxx

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Thank you for your reply! My endo is pretty much everywhere down there except my Fallopian tubes! Which I was told after my last op back in May last year, so fingers crossed it has not spread there which is what's worrying me as the pain is so bad without being on any medication to help!

We've been through a lot of stress lately so admittedly not having sex as much as we should be! So hopefully when life at home calms down we can be more regular and increase our chances!

Just praying for it to happen soon as the pain effects my life and job as a veterinary nurse so much I just want it over with! Xx


You seem like you really know what you are talking about. What cycle day would ovulation happen in long cycles? I'm having a really hard time pin pointing my ovulation. My longest cycle was 37 days. I was so hopeful I was pregnant bc mine are usually average cycle lengths. I do have stage 4 endometriosis but my tubes are clear and Dr said everything looks great that I should be able to get pregnant. I've been trying for 2 years and I'm starting to lose hope so any advice or help would be greatly appreciated



Infertility is very complex and as the previous post says you can expect to have to be very patient. But the time you have to wait for things to happen naturally will depend on your age. Failure to ovulate is just one cause and can be due to any number of reasons - stress, weight fluctuations and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), disorders of the pituitary gland, thyroid gland and raised prolactin levels or ovarian failure if you are approaching menopause. You don't say how old you are.

The LH surge is caused by negative feedback from the ovary. As you will know during the follicular phase when your oestrogen is rising, the mature follicle knows when it's ready to pop and sends messages to the pituitory gland to trigger the LH surge. This is happening so it is almost certain that you are reaching that stage as you have ovulation pain. But you have extaordinarily long cycles and a long follicular phase which might indicate low oestrogen levels. Women with endo can have any sort of hormone imbalance which affects fertility. Also you have endo - is it affecting the tubes? Lots of investigating to be done yet.

To answer your second question - is it possible to ovulate on day 21 of a 33 day cycle? Yes it is. In women with endo infertility is much more likely caused buy a short luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. This is the second half between ovulation and the period - that is to say the time during which a fertilised egg would implant and become viable as a pregnancy. Although all women might vary slightly, the accepted minimum length of this luteal phase for a pregnancy to result is 10 days otherwise the egg is unlikely to implant. In a woman with a 'normal' 28 day cycle then the follicular phase and the luteal phase will both be around 14 days as nature intended. If a woman has a 24 day cycle and ovulates at say day 14 then she only has the critical 10 day luteal phase and should try getting pregnant asap. Women with endo are often found to have shorter cycles and thus shorter luteal phases which is the main factor causing infertility as women with endo get older. In your example if your period started today on day 33 then your follicular phase was 21 days and your luteal phase 12 days. So well within the 10 days so that doesn't look like a reason in your case. I was fortunate to have my son at age 40 with 24 day cycles at that time. Afterwards my cycle settled at 19 days with one as short as 18 days, but ovulation tests still confirmed ovulation at day 13/14. I had ovulation pain so could be pretty sure. Therefore my luteal phase was only 4 - 5 days meaning another pregnancy was impossible. I had clomid and three rounds of IVF all to no avail but I can see why now. Age was against me too at 44.

Good luck and if you are on the older side (late 30s/40s) then your doctors will presumably get you to a fertility clinic sooner rather than later. They will do ultrasound follicle tracking to establish when you ovulate.



Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!

Luckily I am only in my early 20's, decided to TTC now as I was diagnosed young and have been suffering badly with endo since my early teenage years. After been told the best chances of having a child would be in my 20's I thought why not!

I will definitely take all your advice on board!

Thank you again x


You are so welcome and the very best of luck in having a family. You are very wise. My greatest hope is that research finds better ways of preventing/controlling/curing endo so that girls like you don't have to go on suffering like us oldies did. I am 61 now so you are a girl to me as my beautiful 20 year old son is still my boy!!


Hi! I completely understand what you're gong through. I've been in the same position before. Me and my hubby tried for about 6 months. I've had two endo surgeries and finally after my last one I got that awesome 2 little pink lines. I never knew if I was ovulating or not and I did the ovulation tests and I'd get positives on diff days and was like ok am I ovulating or not lol I would honestly recommend doing the dead on the days u get positives on the lh surge on the tests. That's what I did and now I'm almost 31 weeks pregnant!! Just keep trying and don't give up! It'll happen!!


Thank you!

Congratulations on your good news :) hopefully I'll be in the same position soon!

Hope all goes well x


is there a way to tell how infertile you are? I was diagnosed with endo 12/4/17 but my ob/gyn didnt say what stage it was but did say that we caught it early enough that it hasnt done much damage. I dont know to how to tell if I'm ovulating since my ob/gyn wants me to leave the Nuvaring in for 3 weeks not 2 like you normally would. I'm not trying to get pregnant and have no desire to have kids but I'm trying to figure out when not to have sex with my fiance as much.


7 months in terms of trying isn’t that long but I understand each month that goes by without pregnancy is heartbreaking.

Has your doctor suggested a laparoscopy to treat the endo?

It took us a long time ( 6 years of ttc) to discover my endometriosis ( last year) but once it was treated we fell but had a chemical pregnancy@4.5 weeks. Ive had 2 more surgeries since.My endo grows POD , uteroscaral ligaments & rectum. It definitely affected fertility & caused lots of abnormalities in my cycles. Endo can affect hormones & throw things out.

The good news since I’ve been completely cleared out of endo by endo specialist & taking clomid I have fallen pregnant. It is very early days ( i am 5 weeks tomorrow)

My suggestion/advice would be to get the endometriosis properly treated by an endo expert ( yours sounds severe like mine ) & maybe get some clomid from a fertility doctor to help you ovulate.

It must very difficult trying when periods are all over the place.

Good luck hope you get good news soon 😘xoxo


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