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Restless leg - affecting partner too :(

Had the worst night last night. I had to get up twice during the night and walk around to get some relief.

The thing is it's affecting my partner too. He cant get to sleep for me fidgeting/moaning/tossing & turning/getting up. He is great, he massages my legs but when I eventually get off to sleep I'm still kicking out/tossing and turning. I feel so guilty (and tired).

Just wish it would go away

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Hi, I get this all the time, when mine ache really bad I have to alleviate my legs and put hot water bottles on them, sometimes laying on my front helps take the pressure off of them Xx

I hope this helps you xx


Hi its awful isn't it :(

I started taking magnesium tablets and put a small pillow in between my legs and have had a couple of full night's sleep thankfully x


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