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Back/Leg pain

Hi All. Just wondered if anyone else suffers with back pain causing shooting pains down leg into the knee area. Im waiting fir date for 2nd Lap. I had endo and adhesions removed in 2010. Flare up started 2 days ago and now since the early hours i have been awake with these back and leg pains. I assume it feels like nerve pain. Any similar symptoms anyone?


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Hi Zoe, I have very similar pains as you describe. Mine radiates in my groin, hip, back and down the front of my thigh.....it happens in the early hours too. For the past 2 weeks it has been waking me up around 4 0.clock every morning........why it happens at that time have no idea ?


I also get the pains in my groin and down the front of left thigh. I had a lap two weeks ago but it's unclear what is causing this pain because the Endo wasn't that side. Interesting it was that side that my tube isn't working, although it's not blocked. Still no idea what is causing it!


Yes I have severe back pain and excruciating spasms which go down my left leg feels almost like sciatic pain. I am waiting for mri scan. X


I have bad aches in my left knee a lot lately and most of the time it's around ovulation or my period due .. I have no idea how it spreads though.. I'm glad I have my endo sisters it makes me feel more normal as Ino im not alone xx


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