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Results say no endo :( so what is it?

So finally got results of lap today Dr says no endo found biopsy in womb was clear also, my options now are to get coil fitted to get an ablation or a partial Hystoctomy via keyhole surgery. But when I asked about the other pain I suffer (mainly around ovulation) he said it probably wouldn't help it and he continued focusing on heavy periods and painful periods which I do suffer from but if then est of the month was pain free I'd prob never of gone to Dr about it. But they just seem to be focused on this part of my problem which is more frustrating now they say there is no endo been found. I have had scans blood tests biopsys and now a lap so surely they couldn't of missed anything but why do I suffer so much with pains in my ovaries and sides and back etc as well as painful heavy periods. I'm so confused as to what to do next heard so many bad things about the coil it's not something I wanted to have in but the other 2 options seem so dramatic esp the hysterectomy all I'm thinking is if I get it and I'm still suffering with the other pain the. What was the point of it all.

Sorry for long winded post just had a shock today with the results very mixed emotions

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I have the coil fitted defo wouldn't have that has caused me more pain and problems I would go for the ablation!


If you are concerned about docs opinion you are entitled to a second one. I know it feels like effort to get to see the right people but it will be worth it.

I went to a second consultant and opted for coil in the end despite the fact it terrified me. Everyone's body is diff so you never know how it will go and it isn't permenant... main thing is for you to weigh up options and not feel forced into anything


Hi, I'm so sorry the so-called health professionals don't appear to be sympathetic.

I'm wondering did they mention Adenomyosis by any chance? I have both endometriosis and Adenomyosis which can (& in my case does) cause the symptoms you describe and more now as the diseases have progressed.

I too had a biopsy of my uterus which didn't show anything but my consultant said this is not unusual. Adeno can be diffused within the uterus walls and the biopsy is so small it's like finding a needle in a hay stack. My consultant says if the symtpoms match then it's likely. Plus my uterus was very tender during an internal exam - felt like was being stabbed. He said this is another tell tale sign. Unfortunately if you wish to have children now or in the future the only options are pain relief &/or treatments like the coil. Remember everyone is different and for all the horror stories of people's experiences with the coil there are also women out there who have had better experiences. Otherwise a hysterectomy is the only cure for Adeno. My understanding after reading loads on Adeno is that the ablation technique isn't on the whole that successful. Perhaps it might be worth looking at Adeno to see if your symptoms fit with this better than with endo? Often they are quite similar though.

With regards to endo I hope it is less likely now and gynaecologist surgeons are more clued up but when I first presented to a gynaecologist 20 years ago with endo symptoms a laparoscopy didn't find anything. I later found out it was possible that the surgeon missed it if he didn't know what it looked like - apparently it can take on different appearances. I'd like to think this wouldn't happen now but you never know.... Was your surgeon an endo specialist?

My advice is do some research of your own, ask questions and if necessary get a 2nd opinion.

I wish you all the best, x


You have the same probs as me I had two lap the first one my overies where stuck toghter and had really bad adhesions which they removed and said the would do lap number two as the thought I had endo in the adhesions they cut away but they didn't find anything this time I bleed 2 weeks a month in loads of pain feel sick with it I really don't know what to do anymore x


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